Uni Students Annihilate Anti-Masturbation Preacher With The Best Chant Ever (VIDEO)

Well played.

A confrontational anti-masturbation, anti-LGBT, basically anti-anything-sexual preacher turned up at the University of Kentucky this week to share his unpopular message with the students trying to enjoy their fresher’s week.

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As per kykernel, here’s how that turned out for him:

You love to see it. Crowds of students, male and female, black and white, short and tall, fat and thin all coming together to fight for their right to masturbate. Not that their right to masturbate was ever in danger of being taken away but it must have been a proper laugh trolling that preacher and drowning him out while he’s trying to lecture students on why they shouldn’t wank.

Look at his face – poor guy:

For the man who was caught on film masturbating to a magazine in a supermarket aisle, click HERE. Don’t let the anti-wank preacher get hold of him.


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