Uni Student Eats Free Dog Food For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Every Day

What a psychopath.

We all know that going to university is a bit of a struggle and you have to scrimp and save to get through it, but I’m not sure if anyone has ever gone to the lengths that the guy in this article has gone to before.

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The anonymous student decided to share his story on Reddit, saying the following:

So I’m currently in college, and since I’m broke as f**k I have resorted to free dog foods.

I started eating dog food when my friend dared me, and I love it. Since that day I eat dog food at least once a day. Note that it is dry dog food, I never tried the wet ones.

When one of my other friends visited my room and saw heaps of dog food, he asked me why.

I told him it’s for me and he just said ‘what the f**k.

The question still stands, is it healthy to eat dog food at least once a day? If it is not that healthy can I eat it in less quantity?

Edit: to those who are saying that dog food is not cost effective, I get it for free from my friends.

Lol. He sounds kinda surprised there that someone would question why he was eating dog food. Clearly this guy isn’t of a sound mental disposition and probably needs some help, both with his finances and his brain.

Obviously everyone replying on the thread said that it was a really bad idea for him to be eating dog food because it’s unregulated in comparison to human food and contains a load of crap. It also doesn’t include any of the nutrients you need and makes you poop more.

The OP didn’t really seem to care about that though, replying that he loved taking shits so was happy in that regard and didn’t mind eating weird crappy parts of animals either. I think someone should probably psychologically assess the guy because he sounds he has the potential to be a major serial killer. Maybe look for some bodies under all the tins of dog food.

The other part of the story that doesn’t really make any sense is his claim that his friends just give him free dog food. Why would anyone do that, especially if the guy doesn’t even have a dog? Makes me think this could be a bit of a troll but it’s so outrageous I think someone would struggle to make it up. Who knows?

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