Watch People Eat A Free Gourmet Meal And Then Find Out That It’s Actually Dog Food

Guys Eat Dog Food Disguised As Gourmet Food

This is one hell of a mean prank.

In an effort to illustrate that their dog food was actually as good as regular food, a dog food company named Freshpet actually made humans eat it to gauge their opinions. Of course, they put this to the test by disguising it as gourmet food and not telling anyone, the swines.

Although that’s a hella good prank to play on someone, it’s also kind of super awful and mean, especially if you’re a dog food company trying to flog your product – I don’t think I would ever buy it after this just out of principle! Having said that though, most of the people who eat it in this video – even though it’s dressed up as a chicken taco, a bacon burger and spaghetti and meatballs – seem to really like it and wolf down their meals like it’s going out of style.

However, I’m not really sure how accurate we can say this test is considering half the people in the video are little kids. I don’t want to be condescending about them but it’s hardly like they’ve eaten a lot of food have they? They’ll probably eat anything to be fair and the fact that one of them wants to finish his meal even when he finds out it’s dog food doesn’t fill me with confidence, even though it’s probably the exact reaction that Freshpet wanted.

Only one person admits to even having an inkling that it was dog food though, and he says he didn’t mention anything because he didn’t want anyone to see him on camera eating dog food. Whoops – half a million people have already seen you dude and many more probably will too. In fairness one woman did say that her dog would be doing pretty great to eat so well and I MIGHT trust her but overall I’m not convinced.

And the fact of the matter is if the dog food tastes so good why don’t these guys just start making regular food instead of dog food? Answer me that huh? I suppose if anything it’ll be an upgrade for dogs who like to get stoned and get the munchies like these ones.

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