Insane Video Surfaces Of Uni Student Getting His Butt Cheek Branded (NSFW)


Frat culture is a predominantly American thing that isn’t really a big part of uni life in the UK, and a lot of the time it involves students doing completely unwise things to prove their allegiance to the other members in their frat.

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Case in point — this University of Nebraska freshman who got a scorching hot branding of the Greek letters “Phi Kappa Psi” onto his left butt cheek.

Watch below:

Phi Kappa Psi president Charlie Costa insists the fraternity never forces anyone to get branded, and that the people in the video all participated voluntarily. The Vine was actually recorded in 2014 but Nebraska is only making a big deal out of it after someone reported it.

A spokesman for the uni said:

The university is taking the actions in this video very seriously. The appropriate authorities have been notified, and the university will take action at the proper time.

To be fair, while the kid does seem to be in a little distress afterwards (he’s just had his arse branded after all), I do reckon he took that voluntarily. I mean it’s not really a big deal, is it? Uni students do dumb shit like that all the time and not necessarily because they’re in a fraternity either. Obviously there’ve been cases where the frat life has gone too far and students wind up dead, but this is completely different. If a dumbass 18-year-old wants a hot poker stabbed into his butt cheek and to be left with a lifetime memento of his uni days, then let him be. It’s his butt cheek  and no one else’s.

Not to mention it’s 100% worth it if it means he gets to stay in a $4.3 million frat house of this magnitude.


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