Uni Student Gets Ragdolled By Bouncers, Launched Down Two Flights Of Stairs (VIDEO)

All in a day’s work.

Getting kicked out of bars/clubs is a really embarrassing experience, so when you see videos of it happening to someone without much context you automatically take the side of the drunk person getting thrown out.

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Well that and because bouncers (unfortunately) do have a reputation for being grade A twats.

Anyway, here’s what went down at some bar over in the States the other night:

Sadly there’s no context for this video so it’s hard to make an informed judgement on just that clip. Still, whatever went down before the filming began, it’s always stupid to resist getting thrown out of a venue especially when it’s a 2 bouncers Vs 1 skinny student scenario. As the student found out, that’s how you end up getting roughed up and dragged down two flights of stairs.

Obviously this kid was too licked to realise that, which is why he tried to fight back like he had a chance in hell. Still, it would be nice if the bouncers behaved as though they were even a tiny bit concerned for his safety. Not that he’ll remember much of it the next day.

As we all know though there are plenty of decent bouncers out there, like this guy who obliterates a drunk dude who starts on him. All in a day’s work.


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