Watch Nottingham Rock City Bouncers Choke Out Student And Leave Him For Dead

Rock City Bouncers

Not cool.

Sometimes you literally do have to feel sorry for bouncers because they have to do deal with drunk assholes all night and nobody really wants to have to do that.

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I suppose you could question why they signed up to be bouncers in the first place when it’s fairly obvious that that’s how you’re going to spend every night, but even if you’re angry and hate your job that doesn’t give you and excuse to rough drunk people up for no real reason, even if they are being kinda wasted. That’s exactly why the video below is probably going to get the bouncers at Nottingham Rock City into a whole load of trouble.

The video was taken outside the venue last Wednesday at around 12:45 am as people queued to get into the venue. It shows a Rock City bouncer quite clearly choking a kid out until he’s no longer conscious and then letting him drop to his floor, banging his head on the way down. The bouncer then kinda looks at him disdainfully and walks off, leaving him KOed on the floor in behaviour that surely shouldn’t be acceptable from someone in his position.

To make matters even worse, the guy who filmed the video – a Nottingham second year named Rossi – said that the kid wasn’t even being that rowdy and it was his mates who had been kicking off in the queue. Hot damn.

The venue’s owners DHP Family have already stated that they’re conducting an investigation into the incident and that the bouncer has been suspended and won’t be allowed to work at any of their venues ever again, so I guess that’s something. Although I expect that the security guards at Rock City will continue to be assholes as it seems like they always have been.

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