Uni Dismisses 11 Freshers For Breaking Social Distancing Rules, Will Not Return Their Tuition Fees


Northeastern University over in Boston, Massachusetts has dismissed 11 first-year students after they were caught violating social distancing rules.

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This might seem harsh enough on its own, but the university has also announced it won’t be refunding their $36,500 (!) tuition fees for the semester. That’s an insane amount of money to pay for any university, now imagine being booted out of said uni in your first week and told that you your parents won’t be getting any of it back.

Obviously unis like Northeastern are in a tough spot with COVID-19 as they need to stay open to survive just like any other business, but also need to make sure the 18-21 year olds attending follow their guidelines to prevent a destructive outbreak. I’m sure every uni around the world has set up similar rules and guidelines and will have students break them and suffer the consequences.

Even if those consequences are supremely harsh…

Can’t argue with that. I mean it makes sense that the students should face some sort of punishment but kicking them out of school and keeping their tuition fees? Come on now. For $36,500 a semester you’d think you would be able to cough in your lecturer’s face and get away with it. Besides anyone with a brain could tell you that 18-21 year olds at uni are going to get together and party – COVID or no COVID.

What makes it even worse is that these 11 first-year students were part of a “modified” (because of COVID) study abroad program… based less than 1 mile away from the uni campus. LOL.

Bit weird that they would still refer to that as a study abroad program, but I guess it’s a nice scam if you can pull it off. Especially when you charge $36,500 for one semester and then boot them out of the uni and keep the cash. Something tells me these students’ parents will be getting their lawyers involved and considering what they’re paying for these brats to attend in the first place, they can probably afford some good ones. I mean there’s no way Northeastern University can get away with this… right?

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