Unhinged Feminist Says Women Need To Kill All Men And Male Babies (VIDEO)

But then who would kill the spiders?

The definition of what a feminist is seems to differ from time to time, but I think all sensible people can agree that real feminism is reasonable and progressive, whereas militant-level feminism gives the entire movement a bad name.

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For example, deranged lunatic Jenny McDermott urging people to “kill all male babies” on her YouTube channel:

Seems a bit of a flawed plan if you ask me. I mean it kind of goes against everything nature asks of us which is to procreate and keep the human race moving. Not quite sure how that would work if there were no men around for females to procreate with. But hey if she really wants to go down this road – bring it, bitch.

To watch another militant feminist get triggered big time on live TV, click HERE.


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