Unfriended: Dark Web Looks To Be The Creepiest Film Of 2018 (TRAILER)

If you disconnect, you die.

The trailer to Halloween 2018 dropped the other day and was suitably terrifying, and so any horror or thriller trying to compete this year had better bring their A game.

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Seems like Unfriended 2: Dark Web might just be up to the task.

Watch the trailer below:

The original ‘Unfriended’ cost $1 million to make and surprisingly ended up grossing $64 million, so it only makes sense that the series makes a return 3 years later. 

Get a load of this nightmare fuel:

And look how utterly terrified/baked this geezer is:

Unfriended 2: Dark Web is set for release in July 2018.

If you’re looking for some seriously messed up movies to tide you over till then, here’s a list we put together earlier.


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