Unemployed 41-Year-Old Is Using His Oxford Law Degree To Sue His Parents For Stopping His Weekly Allowance

He claims his parents should support him for life as a ‘vulnerable’ adult child.

A jobless son aged 41 is suing his parents in a bid to force them to pay him “maintenance” for life, because he is a ‘vulnerable’ child adult.

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Faiz Siddiqui claims he is completely dependent on his wealthy mum and dad, despite being a trained lawyer and having a degree from Oxford University (which he also tried to sue for £1million).

As per the Metro, Faiz Siddiqui’s Dubai-based parents have let him live rent-free at a £1million flat they own near London’s Hyde Park for 20 years. They also covered his bills and other outgoings, but decided to slash support following a family row.

Mr Siddiqui however reckons he is entitled to claim maintenance as a ‘vulnerable’ grown-up child due to health issues and that cutting off his allowance is a violation of his human rights.

Mum Rakshanda, 69, and dad Javed, 71, currently give him more than £400 a week.

Their lawyer, Justin Warshaw QC, said:

These long-suffering parents have their own view of what is suitable provision for their ‘difficult, demanding and pertinacious’ son.

‘Pertinaceous’ indeed. Great word and a great way of describing this entitled prick who has a law degree but apparently hasn’t worked since 2011, instead sponging off his rich parents who live on the other side of the world.

There’s no mention of Mr. Siddiqui’s health issues specifically or why he’s qualified himself as a vulnerable child who can’t provide for himself, but judging from the picture available of him he is able-bodied and obviously intelligent and focused enough to have acquired a law degree from Oxford. So what’s the problem?

At 41 he can’t blame it on being a lazy Millennial or Gen X’er either. Sounds like he got so comfy living rent-free in central London for 20 years and not having to work since 2011, that the idea of having to support himself and pay bills sent him into panic mode. His solution? Take his parents to court and sue their asses. Lol.

Good luck to anyone who’s on the jury for that one because Siddiqui will probably find a way to sue you too, for the emotional distress caused by you not voting in his favour. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually triumph over his parents in court and this can go on to become a ridiculous Adam Sandler movie or something.

My advice to the parents? One word – countersuit. Sue him for all the back rent letting him live free in their house for 20 years. Bet he’ll change his tune then.

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