Double Murderer Threatens To Kill Survivor In Court After She Makes Mum Joke At Him (VIDEO)

Guaranteed life in prison.

A racist double murderer told a woman who survived one of his attacks “I should have killed you bitch!” after she made a joke about his mum in court.

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Demestria Hester was giving a victim impact statement when she delivered this devastating diss to killer Jeremy Christian:

Your mom should have swallowed you. You are a waste of breath and when you die and go to hell I hope you rot.

Christian fired back instantly with “see you there bitch”, which wasn’t a bad comeback, and followed it up by losing his head completely:

Self-declared white supremacist Christian killed two men on Portland’s MAX light rail system in May 2017. The day before he had racially abused Hester and given her a black eye.

These are the two men he killed, Ricky John Best, 53, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23.

He stabbed them to death after they stepped in to stop him racially abusing two teenage Muslim girls on the MAX train, and also stabbed another Good Samaritan, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, while he was at it.

When court resumes, I’m guessing he ends up with life in prison, which might even be more than he deserves. There are good arguments against capital punishment but when you read about people like Jeremy Christian and catch a glimpse of how truly psychotic they are on video, it really makes you wonder about the utility of the death penalty. After all it’s just a tiny surgical procedure these days. I’m not advocating it 100% but sometimes I do wonder… can’t we just reserve it for guys like him?

At least keep him in solitary confinement and have him listen to that mum joke on repeat. Meanwhile, in Corfu, serial rapist ‘The Beast Of Kavos’ was released 9 years into his 52-year sentence. Look out for him if you’re headed to Kavos this summer.


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