Cenote Angelita Is An Awesome Underwater River In Mexico



Wow, look at these pictures huh? I don’t even know how they’re even possible. Ok I do because I read up on it but when I first saw them I was like woah WTF is up with that? Why the hell is there a river underneath a river? Or are those divers just floating around in mid air? Why the hell is it so spooky?

It turns out that this is in fact what is known as an UNDERWATER RIVER. Sounds like a contradiction in terms right? Well guess what it isn’t. This is kinda boring and sciencey but you gotta put it in so apologies for that. Basically an underwater river happens due to a process called halocline, whereby waters with different levels of salinity form into layers because of a variation in density.

This river is known as Cenote Angelita (or the Little Angel) and can be found in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The pictures themselves are found in a submerged cave formed from a collapsed limestone bedrock called a cenote. According to photographer Anatoly Beloshchin, the water in Cenote Angelita is 29 metres of fresh water and then another one metre layer of hydrogen sulfide before the rest of the cave is roughly 30 metres of saltwater.  So the river effect is actually just a dense layer of saltwater at the bottom of the cave. It looks pretty awesome though right?

Check out a bunch of the pictures below:

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Underwater River 1

Underwater River 2

Underwater River 3

Underwater River 4

Underwater River 5

Underwater River 6

Underwater River 7



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