Underwater Nightclub

Ever wondered what it would be like to get hammered underwater? Neither have we, but it looks pretty sweet.

A group of free-thinking creative types over at Thinkmodo, a viral video marketing agency in New York, have developed an underwater nightclub for water-resistant watch company TechnoMarine. Over 3 days of production, directed and filmed in a swimming pool at Survival Systems Connecticut, the result is a pretty edgy video made with the intention of selling a shit load of underwater watches. The close-ups of a chick playing with her i-phone and a guy playing underwater darts certainly help them achieve this.

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But this isn’t actually real (duh), you can’t just rock up to this underwater venue expecting to get crunk in an club at the depths of the sea; in fact Survival Systems is a company dedicated to military and air force training programs. But anyway, while an underwater bar looks like a fun way to spend your Friday night, when you think about the realities and logistics of going out on the piss…it could be a pretty bad plan. What if you’re talking to some hot chick up at the bar and need to let out a sneaky fart? There is no discretion about a load of bubbles shooting up from your backside. Moreover, where do you piss? I could entertain the idea of sitting underwater with a beer and just pissing myself, but being surrounded by all the other piss? That would no doubt seep into your beer/mouth? Kind of gross; and I don’t even want to think about where you would go number 2. Before you know it you would have the next 2 girls 1 cup going down; Several Hipsters and a Pool Full of Human Waste

Despite my reservations, the whole campaign is undeniably cool; and since the video’s release last month TechnoMarine has enjoyed their underwater watches getting a heap of coverage online.

Would you guys want to get hammered underwater? Mass brawls could be quite interesting.


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