Underwater Dogs: A Different Side To Man’s Best Friend

Underwater Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. Here are some unique photos to our furry buddies that show a different side to them we rarely see, when they’re underwater.

Underwater Dogs

I sometimes wish I was a dog (insert minging-face jokes here, you bastards) because it’d be a pretty cool existence, right? Chilling all day every day, pissing on trees, shitting wherever I wanted and gloating like fvck when unlucky fools step in my turdy mess, shagging lampposts, having food given to me every day and – best of all – barking at old ladies and forcing them to cross the road out of sheer fright as I bare my spittle-covered, f0ul-smelling teeth.

Yeah, I think being a dog is one of the easiest things to be. Being a cat would be too much hard work, licking my arsehole and preening my fur would more than likely get too much, but being a dog – well, that’s another story. Easy life, easy lays, easy £. Apart from living a cool existence, dogs are pretty awesome as well to have as pets. They’re much better than actual people. Well, mine is anyway as you can always rely on your dog, unless he’s a pompous fvck who thinks he’s hard and bites the shit out of everyone, and it’s pretty basic to see why dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ as, simply put, your dog is your best friend if you have a life as sad as mine. Thank you if you found yourself nodding to that last statement. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Anyway, to get to the point of this article, a photographer called Seth Casteel has taken it upon himself to show us all a different side to dogs. A side where they’re completely at ease and really let themselves go. OK, you can argue that most dogs are always at ease, mine is anyway as she’s just a chilled-out lass but Casteel has taken photos of the dogs underwater, something we rarely see, and they seem absolutely closed-off to the outside world as they dive into the water and party better than Andrew W.K.

Casteel says: “My series of underwater photos show a side to dogs we never get to see.”

And I’d pretty much agree. Here’s a selection from his gallery but you can check out the rest here.

Seth- Casteels-Underwater-Dog-Photography-19





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