Pervert Undertaker Invited Man To Have Sex With Corpse After Saying They Were ‘Fit’



A perverted undertaker who invited another man to the funeral home he worked in to have sex with a corpse he described as ‘fit’ has been jailed for 17 years.

Nigel Robinson-Wright, 42, was arrested at his home in Blackpool before he was due to meet with a paedophile offering up a toddler to be raped.


As per Metro, Nigel was busted when his paedophile friend in London was arrested, with online chats leading them to the funeral director. Nigel was part of a community of paedophiles, animal abusers and necrophiles online, using encrypted, military-grade chatrooms, and encouraging ‘the most depraved sexual acts’ involving children, dead bodies and animals. His poor pet ferret…

Kim Whittlestone, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court:

‘He was in possession of indecent images and there was evidence of him distributing images. Extreme pornography was discovered, involving torture and sexual abuse of children and animals.

The defendant had been in contact with others via social media and had been organising the commission of sexual offences against children, dogs and dead bodies.’

Nigel and another man shared sexual fantasies about the corpses at the Preston funeral home where he worked:

‘There was a strong theme of necrophilia where it was openly discussed between the parties.

The two discussed sexual activity in the funeral home, saying it was ‘horny when we f***ed by the lectern’.

Nigel was also fascinated with Jamie Bulger and killer Fred West, talked about being high on poppers and meth, and offered to supply drugs to the man. It was also revealed he was in contact with a paedophile, arranging to meet up to sexually abuse a child. Fortunately, police intercepted their chat. Was the bowtie a giveaway?

After his arrest, Nigel insisted his perversions were just ‘fantasies’, but later pleaded guilty to arranging the commission of a child sexual offence, three counts of making indecent images, eight counts of distributing indecent images, possession of a prohibited image of a child, amongst other offences.

Judge Graham Knowles QC summed it up well when sentencing him:

‘Nigel William Robinson-Wright, you cast off your own humanity and you made a choice to relentlessly pursue cruelty, degradation and depravity.

You gloried in it. Your targets were all powerless – babies, infants, children, the dead and animals. Some of what you did was to look at images. Some of what you did was to gloat over those images with other like-minded perverts.

Rather than cherish, protect and respect children, the dead, animals and others, as others do, time and time again you revelled in iniquity.’

Man, it really beggars belief that people like this live among us. What a totally sick individual. How can you be a necrophiliac, a paedophile and a zoophile? It’s like this guy was on a mission to be the most sexually depraved and perverted person on this planet. Is someone like this even capable of rehabilitation? Good luck in prison, is all I can say.

For the morgue worker fired after having sex with the corpse of a murdered Big Brother star, click HERE. You’re not even safe when you’re dead, apparently.



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