The Undertaker And Goldberg Nearly Paralysed Each Other In Their Match On The Weekend

What an absolute disaster.

54-year-old Undertaker and 52-year-old Goldberg “finally” fought at WWE Super Showdown In Saudi Arabia this weekend, and it went about as well as anybody with a brain thought it would.

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Watching these clips where they can barely lift each other up and nearly break each other’s necks, it’s probably best that Taker and Goldberg never step foot in a wrestling ring ever again:

Undertaker’s face after the match says it all:

The match only happened because the Saudi billionaire who organised the show grew up a huge wrestling fan and wanted to see some of the legends from his youth.

Goldberg apologised for his performance after the fight, claiming he got knocked out:

Undertaker liked a fan’s comment on Instagram asking that he retires for good:

In this old, resurfaced interview, Undertaker claims he never wants to be in the ring past his prime. Take your own advice Taker!

Another person who is lucky to have escaped Saudi Arabia alive is Finn Balor, for posting a photo of himself wearing a Pride shirt and celebrating Pride month in the notoriously homophobic country. Pretty sure they behead you for this sort of thing:


Anyway, it’s not like the Undertaker needs wrestling anymore. He’s got a new career shilling health foods on Instagram. Childhood = ruined.


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