‘Undefeated Hood Legend’ Walks Into MMA Gym, Demands Fight, Gets Brutally KO’ed

Hood legend

Lesson learned.

A wannabe fighter learned the hard way that street fighting skills will never be a match against a professionally trained MMA athlete.

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The below video emerged on Facebook last month, describing how an unnamed man walked into a newly-opened MMA gym in North Carolina demanding a fight.

Although the man claimed to be an “undefeated hood legend”, Jeremie “Hit ‘Em” Holloway – a Bellator welterweight with a 8-3 professional record – was happy to accept the challenge. And of course, after about a minute of fighting, the “undefeated hood legend” was defeated:

What did he think was going to happen? To be fair to the guy, he did put up an OK fight. Most of the time these things are over in the first ten seconds.

Speaking of which, watch this MMA fighter get KO’ed in the first ten seconds of the fight (straight after showing off at the weigh in).


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