MMA Fighter Shows Off At The Weigh In; Gets KO’ed In The First 10 Seconds


Never pays to be cocky.

Unless you’re Conor McGregor, it never really pays off to be completely and utterly cocky before you go into a fight because it just might come back and kick you in the ass.

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Here’s another classic example of such an event. Kai “Dontblink” Kara France (NZ) was fighting Terrance Mitchell from Alaska on The Ultimate Fighter 24 and Mitchell decided to showcase his huge reach advantage over France by just holding his arm out and not letting Kai get anywhere near him.

Well, I’m sure you can probably predict how this is going to end, as Mitchell was supremely embarrassed in under 20 seconds when they met in the ring, getting KO’ed pretty much straight away:

Ouch. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t walk the walk if you can’t talk the talk. Must be devastatingly embarrassing for that Mitchell dude, but I’m sure he’ll go again and maybe not get so battered. That’s just how it goes sometimes when it comes to MMA.

For more cocky twats getting beat up, check out this guy getting knocked out in 9 seconds after giving it all that on his way to the ring. Some of these guys really need to get a grip.


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