This Wind Assisted Own Goal Is Absolutely Unbelievable

thurrock own goal

How did it go in his own net when he kicked it from there?

It’s not every day you clear the ball up the pitch, only for it to conspire against you and everything you thought you knew about physics by nestling safely in your own net, narrowly evading your keeper’s clutches.

Well that’s exactly the sort of ungodly magic that happened to Thurrock FC’s Kamarl Duncan. Despite following the usual defender’s maxim of ‘getting rid’, Duncan learnt an important lesson in always considering the weather conditions before deciding to lump the ball into the air.

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Duncan is nearer the half-way line than his own goal when he kicks the ball, but the winds – thanks to storm Barney, which were reaching up to 70 mph – mugged poor Duncs off a right treat.

Although the defender won’t be happy with his efforts, the goalkeeper arguably could have done a bit better in reacting to the outlandish turn of events.

The Essex based non-league team Thurrock FC ended up drawing the match with Romford 1-1. Watch the freak own-goal here:

That was probably the most unlikely thing I’ve seen happen in football since that time a Brazilian referee got his gun out to calm shit down. Safe to say shit got less calm.


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