Unbelievable Leaked Footage Shows Police Telling Drivers To Run Over Protesters


The situation has really descended in the last couple of days in the United States, with protests, riots and curfews all seemingly commonplace in the majority of cities over there.

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There’s obviously been some controversy over how the police have been ordered to handle the situation and the actions that they’ve partaken in over the past week, with several videos of police brutality and unbelievable scenes finding their way onto the internet. This leaked tape from a radio dispatcher might be some of the craziest that we’ve shared yet though, as they literally tell people in their police car to run the people over in front of them who are standing in their way.

Take a listen:

Fucking hell. I can’t actually believe that these are words that are being spoken by people that are supposed to be protecting society and upholding the law. You kinda think that the police system is corrupt sure – there’s enough movies and literature about this and it’s kind of just a known fact at this point, especially now – but I don’t think I ever really thought it would ever go to that level of disdain for the people that they’re supposed to be protecting and safeguarding their First Amendment rights. Just figured they were on the take or whatever, but how wrong I was.

The whole system is flawed and inherently racist and needs reforming. Let’s hope that these protests can go some way to changing that. Make it happen.

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