3D Ultrasound Images Show That Male Babies Masturbate In The Womb

Nature can be so gross.

So if you thought that child birth and pregnancy wasn’t weird enough, turns out that male fetuses actually masturbate while in the womb. Gross.

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In a paper authored by two researchers working in Spain, this is a phenomenon that can occur and it is even supplemented by visual evidence. The paper, named ‘In-Utero Gratification Behaviour in Male Fetus’, states:

Fetal masturbation has been described previously once in-utero but only as a description of an action. Masturbation is well described in infancy and early childhood when they discover that this practice can give them pleasure. Our letter proves that it could begin in-utero as a ‘gratification behaviour’. We have shown this pattern clearly using a volumetric rendering mode study.

And the ultrasound images show:

‘Fetal gratification behaviour’ in a fetus in the 32nd week of gestation of a normal gestation. The fetus was grasping his tumescent penis with his hand and did it with such force that it shows us clearly the glans. Initially, the glans was covered by the foreskin and gradually the foreskin is retracted as we show in images the total sequence of the hand movements grasping the penis.


We show this behavior using 4D live mode where the movements that go with this behaviour are shown clearly. Moments later the foreskin covers partially the glans. This is a very clear sexual behaviour “in utero” in the 32nd week of gestation. We understood this behaviour to be a “fetal gratification behaviour”(fetal masturbation).


Well that’s pretty fucking weird. So there you have it – your baby boy is likely to be a wanker before he’s even come out of the womb.

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