These Kids Broke Into A Hospital And Found A Dead Baby In A Bag (NSFL)

baby in bag

So grim.

The graphic footage below shows a bunch of teenagers breaking into a hospital over in Glasgow. While I’m sure they were hoping to find some fucked up shit, I don’t think any of them were expecting what they came across.

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While routing through some old medicinal waste, one of them found a dead baby in a bag. What’s even worse is that the hospital had been closed for years, meaning that foetus was pretty much pickled. So grim.

You can tell that they’re trying to give off a whole bravado of not really giving a shit, but deep down each and every one of them is disturbed by what they’ve just seen.

I get that those teenagers shouldn’t have been routing through an old hospital, but seriously – what the fuck was a dead baby doing there lying in a bag? Obviously it must’ve been an aborted baby, but it looked pretty big and if it was that far along it should have been disposed of properly. That’s beyond fucked up.

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