Introducing The Ultimeatum – A 10,000 Calorie Burger Within A Burger

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Finally, it’s here.

Wow. Just when you thought burgers couldn’t get any more outrageous, someone goes and does this.

That someone is Corrine Clarkson, who came up with the idea for the Ultimeatum after seeing an episode of The Regular Show on Cartoon Network. It’s basically a cheeseburger within a cheeseburger and it looks like it might be delicious, if you could actually eat the goddamn thing without getting stomach cramps and throwing up.

Of course, it’s only available as part of a challenge and if you manage to eat the whole thing then you get the burger for free, otherwise it’s only £20 which seems remarkably cheap considering it’s five pounds of beef, six slices of cheese and three buns. Oof.

Nobody has tried to eat it yet – can you blame them? – and neither has Corrine or her husband John, who was the man that actually cooked up this bad boy. If you fancy giving it a shot though, all you’ve got to do is head up to Mr Eater’s (great name for a chip shop) up in Preston and order yourself one up. Good luck.

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