The Ultimate Warrior Made All Of ‘Asking Alexandria’ Cry (VIDEO)

Asking Alexandria Ultimate Warrior


Last week we featured an interview with metalcore band ‘Asking Alexandria’ where they pretty much came across as complete and utter dickheads, courtesy of a bunch of stories they told about trashing hotel rooms.

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Well, this week someone has unearthed this footage of ‘Asking Alexandria’ acting like complete pussies when they were forced to get the Ultimate Warrior to help motivate them. What?!

Apparently this was a short-lived television show a few years ago – appropriately titled ‘The Warrior Show’ – where shitty emo/metalcore bands were forced to go in and train with them to try and save their careers from the meltdowns that could occur from excessive partying.

Clearly this didn’t work in the case of ‘Asking Alexandria’, but it’s great seeing the Ultimate Warrior shout and scream absolute nonsense at them while they do press ups and a bunch of running with chains on them. Meanwhile, ‘Asking Alexandria’ look like the meek little weedy boys in P.E. class who are too scared to answer back to the teacher:

Great television huh? How did this not become absolutely massive when it was on? Was it even on TV? So many questions.

Of course, we’re not going to be seeing anymore of this in the future due to the untimely death of the Ultimate Warrior a couple of years ago. RIP – check out our tribute to him here.


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