Ultimate Rope Swing Disaster

Ultimate rope swing disaster

I don’t think things could have gone any worse for this girl as she ends up knocked out cold and bleeding massively from the head.

Rope swings can be a lot of fun, but you’ve also got to make sure that you’re real careful when you’re using them because a lot of things could go wrong with them and end in disaster. Unfortunately for this girl though, it seems like she was pretty careful and what happened to her was a complete accident, although it did also have the same result of ending in disaster.

She just took a swing on the rope and jumped off, but somehow as she jumped her foot landed perfectly in the loop at the bottom so that she ended up suspended upside down from the rope as it swung back to the rocks she jumped off. You can guess what happened next, as she swung straight into the rocks, hitting them at full impact and knocking her out cold and splitting her head open.

The actual impact isn’t caught on the video but you can hear a sickening thud as she hits the rocks, and the reaction of the guy filming just to leave his arm out for a couple of seconds illustrates how terrible it must have been. It then gets even worse when you see her limp, bloody body floating down the river.

Luckily she just needed a few stitches and suffered no serious injuries but still, be careful kids.


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