The Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog Has Arrived

Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog

Heaven in a hot dog.

Following on the heels of the best breakfast in the UK, London restaurant Bubbledogs – which only serves champagne and gourmet hot dogs, obviously – has announced the arrival of the ultimate breakfast hot dog.

How do you make a breakfast hot dog I hear you ask? Well, you need to get a meaty pork frankfurter, then top it with a fried egg and then add chunks of black pudding and bacon along with some lashings of tomato jam. It’s basically only missing the beans, and maybe the hash browns/potatoes if you’re really picky.

The good news is that it’s also available all day, so you’ll be able to sample it any time you want. This is probably for the best as the place doesn’t open until 11:30, so you would be waiting a while if you wanted to have it for your breakfast.

Still, it probably looks like it would be worth the wait.

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Bubbledogs Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog 1

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