UK’s First Vegan Butcher Sells Out Online On First Day Of Trading

Veganism is here to stay.

We previosuly spoke about how the UK’s first vegan butcher was opening up last week and it turns out that they’ve had an absolute rip roarer of a launch, selling out of all of the products that they had made available online in less than 24 hours.

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They made the announcement via their Instagram account where they also shared footage of their first day of trading – lines down the block before they even opened their doors. Check it out below:

Fuck that is a lot of people isn’t it? Nuts, but like I’ve said many times before it looks like veganism isn’t a fad but is here to stay for the long run. Viva la revolucion!

One thing that I never understand though is that every time one of these new vegan places opens up, you hear about how you can’t get a table, or they’re running out of food or now with this place that they’re already sold out after a day of trading, so why don’t any of these places ever anticipate this demand and plan accordingly? Seems awful naive when they’re trying to revolutionise society and turn a profit. I suppose a second lockdown will give them ample time to spend making their products though hey? Let’s go.

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