This Ukrainian Guy Is The Real Deal Strongest Man In The World (VIDEO)

Ukrainian Strongman

A lot of people claim to be the strongest man in the world and some have even won competitions to prove this, but I don’t know if anyone has a highlights reel as impressive as this dude.

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The guy Dmitriy Khaladzhi is being billed as the Ukrainian strongman and he does look like the toughest man in the world from this clip below. He walks around with horses on his back like it’s no big deal, gets run over by a tractor like it’s no big deal and drives nails into wood with his hands like it’s no big deal.

It’s basically no big deal for this guy to do anything because he’s that strong. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the video below:

What an absolute unit. Favourite part is probably when he bends the metal pipe in his teeth. Or when people are smashing the cinder block that he’s holding up on top of that bed of nails.  That’s some serious beast mode strength going on right there. Dunno how The Mountain is going to claim that he’s the strongest man in the world again after seeing that.

For more strong men, check out this guy from Pakistan who also claims to be the world’s strongest man. He’s also 960 pounds though – hmmm.


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