Ukraine’s Audition For Eurovision 2017 Might Be The Most Bizarre Entry Yet (VIDEO)


Taking the ‘sex sells’ idea a little bit too far.

The Eurovision song contest is always a weird and eclectic mixture of bizarre songs and questionable talent. Still, its entrants are obviously in it to win it, and the prize guarantees a lot of money.

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With this in mind, Alex Angel, who auditioned this week for the honour of representing the Ukraine in next year’s Eurovision, reckons he has found the key to winning this year’s competition. Normally the aim of the game is to have a good song and nail your performance, but Alex doesn’t need any of that. Instead, he’s taking on the help of his stripping partner Natasha Olenjnik, who uses her womanly ways to entice the judges. Check out the audition below:

Blimey. That’s one way to make an impression. Her dancing isn’t all that good, although I guess it’s better than the song itself. Only time will tell if Alex is allowed to enter the 2017 edition of Eurovision. Good luck to him if he does.

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