Ukraine Surgeon Shares Selfies With Naked, Unconscious Patients After Giving Them Boob Jobs

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Say cheese.

A Ukraine surgeon has come under fire recently after people discovered he has been taking selfies with his unconscious patients while performing surgery and sharing them on social media.

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31-year-old Edgar Kaminskyi has been working as a surgeon for eights years, but it’s only recently that he’s developed a passion for taking photographs of naked women on the operating table and putting them up on Instagram. Pretty risky hobby mate – I know these women are probably only improving their tits in order to then post pics of them on Instagram, but probably best to wait until the scars have healed, yeah?

Edgar Kaminskyi

Edgar Kaminskyi

Kaminskyi has over 104,000 followers, so it was only a matter of time before someone questioned what the hell he was up to. Apparently he often shares before and after photos of women with breast implants online. One of the captions on his pictures said:

Our anaesthetist gives not only a wonderful dream, but also an excellent selfie.

Should’ve thrown a lol or rofl in there just for good measure.

Edgar Kaminskyi

Edgar Kaminskyi

Despite all of the controversy surrounding his images, it has not affected his career or even the popularity of his social media accounts – this guy still has a waiting list of more than a year. He must have some magical hands because there’s no way I’d get on his operating table if I knew he was going to use my naked, unconscious body in order to get likes online.

Having said that, apparently he does actually make them sign a waiver form before surgery, but still. It just ain’t right to be posting that stuff on Instagram. At least wait until the patient is awake and the surgery is over.

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