Meanwhile In Ukraine: Dude Starts A Fight, Gets Rocked Then Drops A Grenade Injuring 5 People (VIDEO)

No F’s given.

We’ve got our own problems here in the UK when it comes to people bringing weapons to fights, but at least we don’t have to worry about anyone rocking up with a grenade like they do over in Ukraine.

The incident took place on June 8 on Gagarin Avenue in the city Kharkiv, and according to local reports resulted in the injuries of 5 people, including a 16 and 17-year-old.

Welp, never mind a knife or a gun, apparently you have to come even better prepared in Ukraine. I mean I knew people were hardcore out there but I didn’t realise it was basically real life GTA where you’re just casually lobbing grenades at people in a public area. Is a grenade just something you leave your house with, along with keys, phone, wallet, etc? Wouldn’t surprise me.

A young boy apparently got so scared by the blast he just started legging it and the police had to deploy a search party to find him. The grenade guy is facing 15 years to life. Can’t he just say it was self-defence or what?

To watch a real life Rambo fire a grenade-tipped arrow into a car, click HERE. Explosive.


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