This Is The First Woman In The UK To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ After Taking Krokodil (NSFL)


When a drug is described as “10 times stronger than heroin”, you know you are into some dangerous territory.

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41-year-old Emma Davies from Tredworth, Gloucester has become the first person in the UK to fall ill from deadly drug Krokodil, with her body now eating itself and resulting in “horrific” open sores and large ulcers.

In fact years of drug abuse have resulted in two heart attacks, a stroke, hepatitis C, deep vein thrombosis, scarred lungs, an enlarged spleen and a blood infection for Emma. Oh, she also had MRSA at one point too.

As if that wasn’t annoying enough, Emma is also in trouble for shoplifting £900 of goods across three Gloucester stores.

Her barrister says:

She is aware if she continues the way she is going she will meet an early demise, which would be very sad.

No shit. I mean what kind of idiot would do a drug that is literally named after the fact it turns your skin green and purple like a crocodile and causes your body to start melting off and eating itself? Imagine willingly taking a drug knowing that it will cause your damn body parts to fall off.

I’ll stick to my smoke and booze, thanks. Leave the Krokodil to the junkie lepers.

P.S. If that isn’t enough to put you off, here are some images of Krokodil users in Russia, Colombia and Ukraine where it has wreaked the most havoc on drug users.

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Grim stuff.

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