The Compliments Rap Battle Is As Messed Up As It Sounds But Ultimately Awesome

Compliments Rap Battle

Rap battles are renowned for cusses so seeing something like this is just weird.

Everyone knows that rap battles are all about dissing your opponent as hard as possible whilst spitting some sweet bars – unless you’re the worst hype man in rap battle history that is – and everyone knows that this is probably the reason they’re so entertaining.

So it’s completely weird when the guys at Don’t Flop – who are constantly pushing the rap battle game here in the UK – flip the whole concept on its head and sets up a compliment rap battle. Although unexpected and frankly kind of bizarre, it’s actually incredibly entertaining and awesome.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t become the norm in the rap battle scene though because everyone knows it’s the disses that make it, although it is nice to change it up every now and again like when this one rapper proposed to his girlfriend during a rap battle.


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