What Is The UK Government Safety Plan When Schools Reopen?

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The year has been filled with a lot of challenges for many people. The world is currently facing the coronavirus. Life as we know it has completely changed. As a result of the deaths caused by the pandemic, the government has come up with various rules and regulations to try to control the situation. The main goal is to stop the further spread of the virus and to make sure that every citizen is safe.

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As time has passed, we are trying to get back to normalcy. Due to research, we came to know and understand the coronavirus better. Since we know how it spreads and how to respond when one is affected, it is fair to open schools and other institutions. The UK government is following other countries that have opened their schools. The government has come up with various safety regulations to ensure that those who go back to school are safe. Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children, and this is understandable. Below is how the opening of schools is going to work.

More Space

It has been established that social distancing is essential for the spread of the virus to be reduced. As schools reopen, some form of distancing needs to be maintained. The seating arrangements in class have to be changed with distancing between the students. Distancing in schools means that there is a need for more space. Schools are required to provide the needed space as they reopen. This means that some schools will have to utilize buildings like libraries for the extra space needed. A much better solution for extra space that schools should consider is utilizing temporary structures. They are cheap and quick to construct compared to permanent structures. Smart-Space is a UK-based company that has been at the forefront in helping many institutions like hospitals and schools as we face the coronavirus. They offer building solutions that are crucial in meeting the demands of schools at the moment, and you could look here to learn more about what they do.


Many of those who are infected with the coronavirus are most likely to get it through contaminated surfaces. So that the chances of spreading the virus are limited, schools will have to clean regularly. Both students and their teachers are also required to clean their hands often with clean running water. Pupils will only be allowed to bring the essentials to school including mobile phones, books, and lunch boxes.

What Will Happen If One Has the Virus?

Both pupils and their teachers will be subjected to testing for the virus if they show any symptoms. Many people have raised concerns about what will happen if one of the teachers or pupils tests positive for COVID-19. The government has issued a guideline on what should be done. Those that have the virus will have to self-isolate for a period of no less than 14 days. The class that was in contact with the student or teacher will also have to self-isolate at home.


It is essential to follow the government directive as we face this pandemic. Make sure to inform your children about the situation at hand and make them understand what they are required to do.


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