The UK Could Face Multiple Lockdowns Before The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over


For those of you hoping that the lockdown might be lifted in the next couple of weeks, I’ve got news for you – it probably isn’t going to be lifted in the next couple of months, and even when it is the potential for it to start all over again at a moment’s notice is massive.

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This is the news that Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon communicated to us earlier during her press briefing anyway as she unveiled a document that illustrated her own government’s plan to return back to normal. Here’s what she had to say:

If, after easing any restrictions, the evidence tells us we are unable to contain the transmission of the virus then we will have to re-impose them, possibly returning to lockdown with little notice.

While we will do our best to avoid this, it is possible that such a cycle may happen more than once until we reach a point when we have in place an effective vaccine.

What we will be seeking to do is find a new normal, a way of living alongside this virus but in a form that keeps it under control and stops it from taking the toll we know it can do.

Social distancing and limiting our contact with others will be a fact of life for a long time to come. Certainly until treatments and ultimately a vaccine offer different solutions.

So that means possibly for the rest of this year or even beyond.

Let me be clear, big gatherings and events are likely to be off for some months to come.

Yeah OK so I guess this is just Scotland’s response to the pandemic, but Sturgeon has actually been one step ahead of Downing Street on this the whole time and realistically can you actually look at what’s going on now and think that a solution is going to be any different to the one she’s set out there? Can’t really go back to normal until everyone gets vaccinated and that could be a whole year away. Dry.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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