Hulk Hogan Posts Picture Of Wife On Beach; Gets Called Out Massively For Not Following Lockdown

Come on brother.

You probably saw the pictures over the weekend of Florida beaches reopening and people literally flooding onto them, completely undoing the potential good that a couple of weeks of social distancing had been doing for the people of America. Good work guys.

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One Florida resident who wasn’t shy about his return to the beach was none other than WWE legend Hulk Hogan, who decided to post the following picture of his wife literally jumping for joy at being allowed back onto it.

Obviously people weren’t happy about this and immediately started calling him out for using his position of responsibility to promote irresponsibility in these troubled times.

So far, so internet. Things get really Hulk Hogan after this though when he attempted to come up with an excuse for his behaviour that made literally no sense whatsoever. Get a load of this:

I mean, if the beach is his own private beach, then why the hell wasn’t he allowed on it during the lockdown because if he and his wife go on it they’re not going to see anyone else so will still be adhering to social distancing, right? I can’t believe that the governor closed private beaches to the people that owned them, can you?

Nice try brother, but we’re not buying it. Just doesn’t make any sense. Next time just keep your dumb Instagram posts to yourself.

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