US State Department Warns Ugly Americans Are More Prone To Getting Robbed When On Holiday

Solid advice if you ask me.

The US State Department has suggested that Americans be aware of the influence their attractiveness has on whether they get robbed or not when abroad.

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The department’s Twitter account shared the advice with its 500,000+ followers this week in hopes of catching any Spring Break students who were planning to travel overseas.

It’s basically telling Americans that they’re not as good-looking as they think they are and not to be flattered by any foreign locals:


They deleted the Tweet following the backlash:

Pretty good advice if you ask me. Not sure what everyone’s getting so worked up about. It might literally save some gassed up fool from getting robbed while on holiday. Too many young people these days reckon they’re way hotter than what they actually are thanks to clever selfie angles and Instagram filters and whatnot, so they need to hear this. Unless you’re actually a ridiculously good-looking American (in which case you’d definitely know about it), I’d take the US State Department’s advice on this one.

Being ugly isn’t all bad anyway – here are a whole load of benefits to being unattractive.


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