UFO Expert Claims There’s ‘No Plan’ If Aliens Visit Earth


A man named Nike Pope, who was in charge of the government’s UFO project between 1991 and 1994, has said that chances are becoming increasingly likely that the earth will see a visit from alien life. Particularly with the discovery of seven new exoplanets orbiting around their own star.

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However, It looks like the government hasn’t prepared for this occurrence whatsoever – they haven’t even set the table.

Pope is one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs and conspiracy theories, having enjoyed a long career in the Ministry of Defence before heading up to the government’s UFO department. Here’s what he had to say about the government’s plan:

There’s no plan.

Well that’s reassuring.

There’s no contingency plan as far as I’m aware.

The government’s answer would be that, “We regard this as an incredibly small possibility”.

But I would say, why not have a plan if there’s even the smallest possibility of it happening.


If there were ever to be a meeting between humans and extra-terrestrial life, Pope says:

There would be a scramble for the alien technology, and weapons. Some of the big countries – and also, nowadays, corporations – would be scrambling to get their hands on alien technology.

The country that gets that [technology] would be the world leader for the foreseeable future.

An extra terrestrial arrival might convince us that there’s more that binds us together than pushes us apart.

Fingers crossed that does actually happen, because Lord knows our world needs unifying. It’s in a right bloody state at the moment.

Although we might not have a plan if aliens reach earth, there are a bunch of photos on NASA’s Voyager 1 that have been chosen in order to explain human life and earth to extra-terrestrial beings. To take a look at those photos, click HERE.


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