UFC Legend BJ Penn Just Got Brutally KO’ed In A Street Fight (VIDEO)

BJ Penn

Not another one.

It was only a couple of months back when we reported on UFC legend BJ Penn getting in a totally lame scrap with a bouncer, and already he’s at it again. This time with a random dude on the street.

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The MMA star was in Hawaii where he was filmed grappling with a shirtless dude. Despite being a UFC Hall of Famer, having defeated the likes of Matt Hughes and Matt Serra, in this instance BJ was knocked out in brutal fashion. Take a look below…

In a later video, he was seen repeatedly punching his opponent while a number of people try to diffuse the situation, which unfolded at the Lava Shack on the Big Island on Tuesday.

Attempting to explain BJ’s actions, his rep told TMZ Sports:

Upon meeting friends for a concert at the Lava Shack, words were exchanged between BJ and the acquaintance. From witness accounts, BJ tried multiple times to defuse the situation, but was hit repeatedly and knocked to the ground, as seen on the video.

When he got back up he was disoriented, yet realised how serious the situation and threat was and felt there was a need to defend himself. We are thankful that BJ nor the acquaintance were not seriously injured.

Regardless of whether that guy was taunting BJ or not, surely he should just learn to walk away from the situation? Don’t even bother trying to reason with the guy – just ignore him and crack on.

Of course, that’s easier said than done and these things do happen. But as is shown by the athlete’s recent exploits, this is not a standalone incident.


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