Man Accidentally Leaves Phone In Uber, Two Stoned Girls Return It With NSFW Video

Imagine having your lost phone returned, and finding this on there.

Some dude named Brett Sarubbi left his phone behind in an Uber in Miami, and probably thought he’d never see it again.

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Well not only was it returned to him by a pair of kind-hearted gals (or one kind-hearted gal, because apparently the other one wanted to jack it), but they also recorded this NSFW explanation video for him.

Watch below:

Have to say, while I don’t find these girls particularly attractive, I’m loving the actual video. So awesome of them to put all that effort in and offer an explanation for how they found his phone while simultaneously twerking, making up songs and generally having a whale of a time. Basically saved him some cash on a new phone and gave him a free private twerk show on top.

Bless these girls, seriously.

P.S. Naturally, someone’s remixed the whole video into track:

P.P.S. I still think the video this Welsh dude found on his returned iPhone was marginally funnier.


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