Uber Eats Driver ‘Beaten To Death Trying To Protect His Moped From Gang’


More senseless violence in London this week as an Uber Eats driver was ‘beaten to death’ after a 16-year-old chav tried to steal his moped.

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Iderval Da Silva, 46, saw the (unnamed) boy trying to make off with his property outside Primo cafe in Battersea, south London and ran over to stop him.

He pushed the chav away but the boy then attacked him and was then joined by Jasire Frazer, 18, Jaden Richards, 19, and three others who cannot be named.

The six of them punched and kicked Da Silva, a Brazilian, who had served in his country’s army and taught martial arts.

He suffered catastrophic brain injuries during the assault and despite efforts from neurosurgeons to stem the bleeding at King College Hospital, he died three days later.

Tony Badenoch QC, prosecuting at the Old Bailey, says:

It was momentary explosion of short-lived violence that killed Mr Da Silva.

It is clear from all of their actions, before, at the time, and after, that Mr Da Silva was really of no concern to them other than for their own purposes.

Mr Da Silva was protecting his scooter in this Battersea area. He was eating with a group of friends. ‘All of the defendants were together nearby in the general area of the “Vibes” café. That was an area they knew very well.

Witnesses know these defendants by sight, having seen them on many occasions previously outside “Vibes” café.

[The 16-year-old] got off his bike, went to the moped and tried to steal it. He got onto the scooter and had both of his hands on the handlebar grips trying to start it.

Mr Da Silva saw this and went quickly to seek to prevent him from stealing it, by pushing him off it.

The response from [the 16-year-old] was not to leave him to his own property but to punch him repeatedly.

The co-defendants all arrived quickly and joined in by punching and kicking or assisting and encouraging this attack by their very presence; whilst Mr Da Silva was both on his feet and latterly when he was on the floor.

It’s bad enough hearing about this sort of thing happening but it makes your blood boil that little bit extra every time you get personal details about the victim. Iderval Da Silva was a martial arts instructor and army vet back in his home of Brazil which is statistically way more dangerous than England. Came to the UK to make some money and experience something new and ends up being beaten to death by a bunch of chavs over a damn scooter. Such a shame.

All six accused deny murder but I don’t see any world in which they can get away with this. Then again, south London’s infamous zombie knife thug was let off 21 times before he was finally jailed.

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