Tyson Fury Loses It On Twitter, Calls Out David Haye, Lennox Lewis

Tyson Fury has gone into meltdown on Twitter, going into a homophobic rant and launching attacks on David Haye and Lennox Lewis.

A comment from boxing legend Lennox Lewis has sent Tyson Fury into an uncontrollable rage on Twitter, launching a homophobic rant at Lewis (who isn’t even gay), and taking angry shots at his own February 8th opponent, David Haye.

Fury had previously claimed he could draw Lennox Lewis – the former heavyweight champion of the world – into the ring for a “dream match”. Lennox had responded with the following:

“The way I look at it — Tyson Fury is just talk right now,” Lewis told Telegraph Sport. “He needs to prove himself, as a boxer. It’s funny — because all he talks is a lot of fluff. I’m saying ‘Who is Tyson Fury?’ His name does not even ring a bell, especially in the boxing fraternity right now. He hasn’t proven himself. Once you prove yourself, then you can talk and try and get me back. Why would you want me right now? I’m an old man and you know what, even if I did put on my gloves right now, I’d probably knock him out — inside a round.”

Tyson had claimed out of nowhere back in June on Twitter that he could knock out Lennox Lewis. Lewis responded with: “Ha! You’ve got to love Twitter.”

But today, Tyson has really kicked off. It appears Lewis’ comments got under his skin but it’s good to see he also has his February 8th fight with David Haye on the brain, as he angrily accuses the Hayemaker of injuring himself on purpose so that their fight (originally set for September) got rescheduled.

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Here’s what’s going on right now. Lennox had just responded to someone who asked him if he’d gone out of his way to “talk shit”:












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