Tyson Fury Has Offered Anthony Joshua A £20 Million Bare Knuckle Fight

Fighting talk.

Boxing fans were in a stupor earlier this month after it seemed like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua were finally set to face off against one another in a unification bout for all four world titles in a fight that was likely to go down in history.

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Now however Deontay Wilder has decided to get involved and say that he requires a rematch with Fury before he fights Joshua and it seems as though the eagerly awaited Joshua Fury fight might actually be off for the time being. Fury has an interesting alternative though as the two decided to engage in a war of words on Twitter last night:

Ooooh. Fighting talk there. I suppose it does seem like the legitimately dislike each other now so that will make it be a bit more exciting when they eventually get in the ring together, but why don’t the just stop farting around on Twitter and actually get it sorted out FFS. Losers.

For more of the same, check out Fury saying he’ll quit the fight if Anthony Joshua lasts longer than three rounds. That’s pretty jokes to be fair.


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