Here’s What Tyson Fury Said To Deontay Wilder Moments After TKO Victory (VIDEO)

There’s only one Tyson Fury.

After a ton of buildup and a pretty shabby undercard, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder finally went head to head last night for the first time since they fought to a frustrating draw in December 2018.

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Fury pretty much dominated Wilder for the entire fight, flooring him in the third and fifth round before his team threw in the towel in the seventh while Fury was battering him in the corner. 

Ever the gentleman, Fury had some kind words for Wilder after the fight:

Great stuff from a real champion and an absolute legend of the game. If you watch Tyson Fury’s interview on Joe Rogan a year or so back you really get an appreciation of how hard he’s worked to come back from ill health and depression to become the ultimate fighter and showman that he proved he is last night.

In fact Fury provided so much bloggable material last night that it’s hard to keep up. Just look at him warming up before the fight in comparison to Wilder:

Licking Wilder’s blood as it dripped out of his burst ear drum:

Serenading the crowd (and his wife) with American Pie following his victory:

There’s only one Tyson Fury indeed. What a champ and what a great fight that will hopefully bring boxing back to the one of a kind sport it used to be.

P.S. Turns out Fury’s ‘pussy licking’ training regime worked a treat. Who knew it could be so effective?


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