Tyson Fury Buys €1000 Of Jagerbombs For England Fans; Parties With Them In Nice

Tyson Fury England Fans

The Gypsy King living it up in the south of France.

Tyson Fury is out of his world heavyweight title rematch with Wladimir Klitschko that was scheduled for July 9th thanks to a busted ankle and instead of laying low and rehabilitating it, he’s instead decided to head over to Nice and party with the England fans ahead of tonight’s big game with Iceland.

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Fury rocked up in Nice and decided to buy 200 Jagerbombs for all the fans in attendance at the bar he was drinking in. That set him back a hefty €1000 but I suppose that doesn’t really matter when you’re a loaded boxer and you have an insatiable need to party and support your country.

Following on from that, Tyson marched around the streets singing songs with them whilst they all chanted his name. What an absolute party animal:

Looks like a wild time. Can’t say I blame him to be honest. It sounds way more fun to go over to France and party ahead of a football match that sitting at home with a bag of peas on your foot watching the game.

And he’s helping everyone party to so fair play to the guy. Although it doesn’t make up for all his twatty comments in the past really, I’d still gladly accept a free jagerbomb off him and march around the city with him if it looked like he might buy me some more drinks.


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