Tyson Fury’s Just Caused A War With Feminists Across The UK After His Latest Comment

Oh Tyson, not again…

Tyson Fury hasn’t exactly been making friends with his comments recently, and today’s belter isn’t likely to win over any of his haters.

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Tyson Fury is in Belfast for the Sports Personality Of The Year awards ceremony. That alone has been pretty controversial, following Fury’s comments on homosexuality and accusations of misogyny. Unsurprisingly, he really hasn’t helped himself ahead of the ceremony.

Tyson turned up without his wife, and when he appeared on LBC radio this afternoon he said the reason she wasn’t present is because she’s ‘got the chicken roast on’.


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Now, this is pretty tongue in cheek, and in context could be poking fun at his haters, I suppose. But that isn’t where it stopped. The show’s host Beverly Turner joined in, asking him if she was “chained to the sink at home”.

His reply?

No, she’s not chained to the sink, she’s chained to the bed. Handcuffed.

Again. Kind of funny because of the audacity of it, but really not a wise thing to say considering the hot water he’s already in. Although, to be honest, I really don’t think he gives the tiniest of shits.

At least Beverly Turner didn’t call him a dickhead live on air…


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