Tyron Woodley Is Now Claiming That He Never Made A Tattoo Bet With Jake Paul

Not a good look for the guy.

I said earlier this week that I hadn’t heard much hype in the past couple of weeks about the Tyron Woodley/Jake Paul boxing match going down this Sunday, but now it’s seemingly gone into overdrive over this ridiculous tattoo bet that the two have made with each other.

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For those of you who don’t know, Jake Paul was so confident at one of their press conferences that he was going to beat Woodley that he suggested the loser got a tattoo saying ‘I Love Tyron Woodley/Jake Paul’ (delete as applicable) and Woodley happily agreed to it at the time. Now that it seems to be a major talking point though, Woodley has claimed that he never heard the bet and wasn’t listening when it was originally suggested, even though there’s footage of him literally shaking hands with Paul and agreeing to it.

Get a load of these two videos (skip to ten minutes on the second one):

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Lol what? What’s he talking about there? I didn’t hear anyone say anything about career mode at any point in that first press conference so whilst that’s kind of a funny diss for Woodley to level at Paul, it just kinda makes him look like he’s scared that he might get beaten by the Jaker and so doesn’t want to commit to getting a tattoo about it. Or perhaps he was so stoned at the press conference that he legitimately doesn’t remember agreeing to it?

Either way, it’s not a good look going into the fight on Sunday is it? Before this nonsense I was thinking that Jake Paul was probably going to beat him, but now I’m 100% backing the guy even though he’s a massive knob. Looking forward to seeing Woodley getting tattooed.

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