Feminist Protesters Want To Kick Tyler, The Creator Out Of Australia Because Of This Video


Tyler, The Creator might be kicked out of Australia after he gave this feminist protester what for at his concert.

Australian police are on Tyler, The Creator’s case after he verbally abused a protester at his concert in Australia last week.

Talitha Stone is a member of the feminist group Collective Shout, who want to kick Tyler out of the country because of his lyrics that “promote hate speech against women”. She called on her Twitter followers to picket Tyler’s concert in Sydney, and ended up there herself where she filmed this footage of him calling her a “bitch”, “fucking whore”, and “c**t”. Stone said she was “petrified” at having to stand there amongst all those people who were cheering his “threats”, which is a fair comment as we imagine it must have been like when Harold & Kumar went undercover at the KKK rally.

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Anyway, this is what usually happens with staunch feminists, isn’t it? They call someone out for being misogynistic, wait for a response, then freak out when the response is misogynistic. We agree that Tyler, The Creator’s lyrics are awfully fucked up but the lyrics = evil argument doesn’t work in our eyes. It wasn’t true when they said it about Marylin Manson and Eminem, and it isn’t true now.

We’re talking about a rapper who has a song called “Bitch Suck Dick”, and whose entire persona is based around saying the most offensive things he can to get attention. He’s hardly going to sit down with you and have an in-depth conversation about the broader social implications of his music. He’s just going to call you a c*nt and feed off your criticism.

These are probably the kind of people who would call the police if someone tweeted them “I hope you die”. All they’ve done is given a legion of juvenile rap fans who will eventually grow up and get over it a reason to be even more juvenile. Spare yourselves the drama, Collective Shout!


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