The Two Youngest Billionaires In The World Will Make You Sick

Youngest Billionaires

They’re probably younger than you and didn’t work for a penny of it.

Forbes published their annual list of the richest people in the world recently and there were two new entries on it as the youngest billionaires out there. They’re two Norwegian sisters aged 19 and 20 named Alexandra Andresen and Katharina Andresen and no, of course they didn’t work for a penny of it.

They’ve managed to gatecrash the list as their father is tobacco mogul Johan F. Andresen who recently treated his daughters to 80% of the shares of his investment company Fern Holdings after it was sold for $500 million back in 2005. The money was subsequently invested in property and hedge funds and this meant that Alexandra was given $1.2 billion back in 2007.

Fortunately for her though, she was still under 17 back then and so didn’t have to do a tax return so nobody knew exactly how much money she had until this year. It puts her at 1475 on the Forbes Rich List, right alongside her sister.

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Youngest Billionaires

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And what does Alexandra choose to do with her fortune? Well, she’s obviously competing in dressage events. I suppose that’s fair enough and at least she’s not just pissing her money away by partying all the time like a lot of people would do with that amount of money at that age. I mean she’s never really going to have to worry about anything again is she – might as well concentrate on doing something you enjoy and trying to be the best at it if you’ve got the drive.

Still, we can’t help be a little bit sick at the fact that both of them have got so much money and haven’t really done anything ever to earn it. At least they haven’t already pissed it all away though like these idiots who won the lottery and then completely and utterly fucked it.


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