Two Young Women Dressed As Old Ladies In Order To Get The COVID Vaccine & Were Busted Big Time

Can’t believe they thought this was going to work.

What do you do when you’ve been in isolation for nearly a year and have to wait for all the OAPs to get their vaccines done before you can even consider having a girls’ night out on the town again?

Easy – just do what these Florida women did and dress up like a pair of grannies to have your vaccine done early. Except, it didn’t quite go to plan in this case:

Amazingly, the women, aged 34 and 44, had their first vaccine done successfully but the plan fell apart at the last hurdle just as they were about to get the second shot. They were rumbled when it was discovered that even though their names matched their registrations, their ages did not.

The pair were given a trespassing warning, which you might say is getting off lightly. What I don’t get is how the person that administered the first vaccine didn’t immediately clock that these were two women dressed up as old grannies? Were the blouses, wigs and old lady perfumes really that convincing?

The funniest part is if they did end up going to jail for this, they would get the vaccine before everyone else anyway. Maybe that was Plan B?

For the wild story of a millionaire couple who flew 1,700 miles and posed as motel workers to skip the vaccine queue, click HERE. They were rumbled too, of course.


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